Color Nu Plastic Restoration Coating 8oz

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Color Nu Plastic Restoration Coating 8oz

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Color Nu Plastic & Trim Restoration Coating

Product Benefit:

Product Benefit:
Restore faded plastics and trim of any color.

Color Nu restores mild to severe faded plastic and trim with a single application.

Color NU penetrates deep into the faded plastic or trim to rejuvenate as it cures leaving a cross linked coating on the surface. Your plastic and trim will look new again.

  • Easy to use.
  • Wipe on.
  • Permanent product.
  • No washing off.
  • Restores to like new plastic and trim.
  • Not greasy.
  • Deepens the color of trim and plastic.
  • Rejuvenating additives penetrate into the plastic pores and polymerize for a sheen finish.

Repairs:average of 4 cars or 35 sq.ft.of plastic.

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