What's Trending at Dvelup?

Fusion Clear Automotive Scratch Repair - The latest and greatest!

Trending now is "Fusion Clear Packets" for repairing paint scratches.
Usually, our customers want to know, Is it the same formula?  It's even better. Why packets? We live in a society where we all want small, quick, and disposable.
Our new way of packaging the Fusion Clear packets meet all those bullet points and more. The application is the same too. Tear and wipe all done. What are some of the benefits and sizes? They're sold in two different size packets, a twelve-pack and a two-pack. The twelve-pack includes a microfiber towel. The two-pack has a blue towel for each packet for easy application. The twelve-pack is equivalent to a 4oz. bottle of Fusion Clear The two-pack is for those that want to repair paint scratches on their vehicle. It's a great way to keep product inventory. You can sell them to brick-and-mortar stores, dealerships, and vendors in the automotive reconditioning business or use them yourself, great way to keep inventory. Best purchase for touch-up guys that don't need a lot of products. It's cost-effective to ship, since it weighs less bottles. Shipping to Hawaii or other countries has never been easier. Stick around for more trending Dvelup products.