About Us

Dvelup Automotive Reconditioning Products have been in business for over a quarter of a century and is located in Hernando, Fl., known as the Nature Coast. We're also known as Dvelup International.

We primarily operate in the automotive reconditioning business. Our venture into new ideas and processes for the automotive industry sets us apart from others.

We manufacture one-of-a-kind high-performance car products for different markets and demands while helping others add or distribute Dvelup products worldwide.  Time and dedication are of the essence.

Products are first tested in-house by our research and development team then we ask qualified customers to test the products out in the field and they provide us with feedback.

Dvelup applications are easy, reliable, and high in quality. The result must be superior and professional for a viable business in the automotive reconditioning industry. They require less effort and time to apply since our products do most of the work for you while increasing your revenues. Time is money!

We don't take shortcuts on product performance.
We formulate and mix with high-grade chemical compounds for superior results at affordable prices.

Some of the products we sell are:
Headlight restoration for clear headlights and safer driving at night.
Restoration products: Color Nu restores faded plastic and trim for a new appearance.
Paint scratch repair products to repair surface scratches on a clear coat and enhance the paint color.
EPA Approved Automotive Disinfecting and Sanitizing products.
For more information, visit our manufacturing site: https://dvelup.com
You can buy our products at:
Enhancecar.com, Dvelup Shopify, Walmart, Lowes
Amazon and Healthy Edge.
Developing Better, Faster, Stronger Auto Products for the Future!

       Disinfect Sanitize Car Covid headlight restorationColor Nu Restore Faded Trim and Plastic